Someone that passively trawls Facebook, but doesnt leave a Facebook footprint by writing on walls, commenting or liking things. Facebook lurkers love the book, but seek to create a facade that they're never on it
Hey check out Warrick, he's always looking at Facebook, but never doing anything on it. He's such a Facebook Lurker
by stevethesitch September 7, 2011
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Someone who is distantly related to you in the family tree but is deeply engrained in your facebook life, much to your discontent
This is a literal conversation on facebook I had with my mom's mom's brother's stepson's original mom. We have never met in person...

Me (facebook status): "Grounded for awhile, but I have my phone. Hit me up if you need me."

James: Can we know why you are grounded?

Me: What? No. Flame off.

James: Is it that bad? lol You are really quite the troublemaker! ;-)

Me: Thanks. Flame off James.

James: I cannot say that was a complement, but nontheless, you are welcome! So how have you been? We havent spoken since Tuesday.

Me: No we have never spoken. You chatted me and I didnt respond on Tuesday. Flame off James.

James: lol you are such a funny youth.

Me: Alright, James look you stupid bastard. I know you like dick in your asshole from little people, and your favorite activity is Metal Dan but Im not giving it to you. Ever. So never talk to me again. I have blocked you and you have created new accounts. So flame off and understand if we ever do have the misfortune of meeting in person, you will die. Literally. I will murder you with whatever I can get my hands on. Even a spork. So go the fuck away. Damn.

James: lol you are such a kidder. So hows your mom :-)

Me: Fuck you.

James is Family Facebook Lurker
by getthehelloffme June 5, 2011
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