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When someone sends you an invite on Facebook and after noticing their inactivity a few months later you check their profile only to discover that they have no information/misinformation on their page and are only using it to check your Facebook statuses, pictures, and posts.
"Julian is such a Facebook Spy. He always knows what I post and where I've been, but his Facebook page is still blank after 6 months and I'm his only friend on Facebook. What a freak!"
by Buggs Bunny x86 May 27, 2009
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1- (noun) A Facebook profile (the spy) that is used to gather information about users of a certain demographic (the user), particularly people applying for a job in a large company. The spy will be reimbursed by the hiring company for discovering negative information about the user resulting in the user being barred from employment

2- (noun) A person caught in the act of observing your Facebook activities at a public location, particularly at a college study commons or library. Usually synonymous with a person who behaves as if they were invisible, but whom actually stands out due to poor hygiene, off appearance, or generally creepy mannerisms.

3- (verb) To log into the Facebook account of another person without their knowledge to monitor their private activities, such as message history. An act marked by jealousy, suspicion, and lack of trust.
Jake: Hey man, how did your job interview with company-X go?
Steve: It was going great until they asked me to friend Becky in human resources... I got nervous when I thought about all those pictures from freshman year.

Corey: Yeah, I'm studying at the library, I think I'll be ready for the test.
Sarah: Hey me too. Actually, where are you? This smelly guy near me keeps facebook spying on me and I need to move.

Mike: Hey Nick, so I think my girlfriend thinks I am cheating on her.
Nick: Uh... ok?
Mike: Yeah, so I think she has my facebook password and I think she has been checking my messages.
Nick: So change your password.
Mike: No, I wanna find out if she has been facebook spying on me.

Nick: Soooo ask her, or ask mutual friends to find out.
Mike: Well I can't ask her, then she'll know I'm onto her. I wanna trap her somehow.
Nick: Ummm.... You could just send ridiculous messages to yourself like "you have aids" and see if she reacts... Actually, instead, send yourself a message that a specific family member has passed away, then try to get her console you and maybe you can get her to trip up and mention message specifics? I donno.
by Decimation May 12, 2010
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