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a person who is addicted to facebook and has intense urges to update their status,post notes,and to send you 'pieces of flair' every chance they get. They define their social value by how many responses and or 'pieces of fucking flair' they receive back.

Zack is such a Facebook Fiend . He changes his stats every ten seconds!

Damn it Audrey, you sent me sixteen bumper stickers today alone! I don't even have that application!
by acowfrog December 08, 2008
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a person who is addicted to facebook. they check their facebook as often as they check their email. they are on facebook often over large intervals of time, especially when they should be doing more important things.
Man, I'm really behind in all of my classes because I've been on facebook, I tried to stop but I have to see who's poked me.

Gosh you're such a facebookfiend.
by ate kat May 15, 2006
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Someone who sends many friend requests too people that they have ZERO mutual friends with. Sends requests to people that live in the other side of the country, Takes a million photos and have many profile Picture. A person who rights a new status 5 minutes. Gets married multiple times and Always looking for attention, etc.
Hey I'm John Doe and a I'm a Facebook Fiend.
by JohnDoe93 August 12, 2011
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