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When ur on facebook and someone who always messages you that u dont want to talk to signs in and u sign out real quick before he/she gets a chance to start talking to u
"Fuck, Nicky just signed in, she always wants to talk about pointless shit, im too hung over for this shit"

"Quick dude, just facebook dip before she says anything"

"Alright, PEACE bitch!!!!!!"
(signs out)
by Ya buudddddy!!! September 12, 2011
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The act of spending a very short time looking at your facebook page. Used mainly to avoid being seen online and/or being talked to. May or may not be followed by swiftly turning the chat feature off.
Person 1: Hey, did you see my comment on Jo's status?
Person 2: Uh, no. I can't go right now. I just left a conversation pretending I had to go...
Person 1: Oh, but just do a quick Facebook dip then.
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