It's your birthday and everyone writes on your wall. Even people you never talk to or met on some kind of trip.
1. Today was my birthday and I got many birthday wishes, even from some ninth grader who I've only spoken to once.

2. (It's your Facebook Birthday) Tim Flarigan: Happy Birthday!
You: Who the f*** are you?!?!?
by 00Hes February 06, 2010
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This is the day you have listed as your birthday on your facebook account so that people can not steal your identity and create massive amounts of debt in your name.
It's my facebook birthday today, so many "friends" on facebook are wishing me happy birthday... if they knew me better they would know my real birthday is in three months.
by poostick963 November 14, 2009
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A great way to clear some extra friends from your facebook profile, by deciding if they're worth wishing them a happy birthday or not.

When you see on Facebook that it's someones birthday they are automatically up to the test, and you decide to either pass them, or flunk them, according to how much you care for them:
1. They pass - you wish them a happy birthday by posting on their facebook wall.
2. They flunk - you unfriend them.
Jerry: Why did you unfriend Mel?
Kathy: She just didn't pass the facebook birthday test...

Jon (on Bill's facebook wall): Happy birthday man! Looks like you passed the facebook birthday test! LOLL
by BLULUp January 20, 2012
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The embarrassing situation where one's unpopularity is revealed by a disappointingly low number of public birthday wishes on one's Facebook wall, especially in comparison to others in one's peer group.
"Hey Steve, just looked at your wall and saw only three people wished you a happy birthday? WTF?!"

"I know man, so bummed. It was a total Facebook Birthday Flop :-(("
by MP123 April 10, 2010
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When you wish Happy Birthday to someone by copying what someone else (who you don't know) has posted on your friends wall. Ideally, this will be some inside joke that you know nothing about, be slightly personal and a little bit weird.
Facebook Birthday Bombing is doing this to a girl/boy you kind of know, don't really know what she's up to and don't intend to see anytime soon...

"Happy Birthday Babes!!! WONDERFUL to see you last week, hopefully this weekend at Ollie's will be megabants!!! xoxoxoxox P.s. Ibiza 2k8. Always remember it!!"
by The Banter Bus October 31, 2011
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