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The opposite of a Myspace Angle. Basically, it is a photo taken at such an angle that it makes an attractive person look less attractive. Lighting is very important in Facebook angles, as is subtle elements such as background, facial poses, etc.
Person A: What the hell? Jen's Facebook pictures make her look terrible! She's beautiful in real life, what happened?
Person B: Well, she took them all at Facebook Angles. They make her look gross.

Person 1: So, you gonna post that pic you took earlier on Facebook?
Person 2: Hell no. It's shot at a total Facebook angle, and I didn't even know it.
by The Secks July 30, 2010
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A photo the individual (often female) took themselves, their arm obnoxiously encompassing half the photo frame.

Generally from overhead-down; the logic is, that way only their face and boobs show, and it's because they're obese. Period. If a girl doesn't show her ENTIRE body in any pics on her profile, it's suspicious. Ask her to send you one of her from head to toe and see what excuse she invents.

Yep, she's fat. ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK!
Dude, this chick is hot!

Um dude, she has 100 pics she took of herself trying to act sexy, yet none go below her boobs. Stop and wonder why, for a sec! It's all a Facebook angle, every single one!
by BDITM February 27, 2011
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A habitual "cropping" of the proportions of an ugly person to make them seem appealing as a default picture.
I came across this chick I thought was hot, then I viewed her Profile picture and it was full of facebook angles. Needless to say I deleted our connection after.
by Mafia Muff September 03, 2009
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The bringing-back of the usage of "myspace angles", but to facebook.
R: Yo AP, you feeling nostalgia for myspace? Your new default pic's got the angles.

AP: Yeah man, I'm starting a new movement for the facebook angles.
by IAmCainMarko December 06, 2010
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