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A group of people who don't feel like contributing to their own lives and sit at their computers on Facebook all day. Even when they do have something important to do in societies eyes.

The name comes from the application on Facebook called, "Notes" which is provided free with any registration. Instead of putting the application to good use, like writing stories or taking notes, the application is constantly abused and misused by this group of people who use the application for stupid quiz's or surveys.

These quiz's and surveys often explore very personal issues and topics of a persons life. The annoying thing about these quiz's and surveys is that most often, people don't take them that seriously either and try to make "That's what she said" jokes or original jokes off the surveys questions or just don't answer the question.

The largest annoyance however, is the effort this group of people dedicates to wasting time. It's ironic. These people spend up to 20mins making these quiz's and surveys and then spend at the most, 1 min and a half answering them, with half ass answers and lame jokes.

Truly astounding.
Tim: I was Tagged 6 times on Facebook, by 6 different people who all did the SAME STUPID FUCKING QUIZ!!!!

Jess: At least you got different answers for the same questions. Isn't it fun to read everyone's different and personally revealing answers?

Tim: It WOULD be fun if they Answered the FUCKING QUESTIONS!!! These "FaceNoters" need to get a life!!!
by RuberDuckyMAN69 January 18, 2009
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