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The term used to describe the blonde clone the illuminati have bred and placed in strategic positions all over the globe. Fabamilgas share similar programming and all their minds can link together. Fabamilgas are not allways blone, darker coloured haired fabamilgas are working with them knowingly presenting subliminal suggestions to promote the Nazi idea.

They are the devise being used to split the perception of the mass population into black and white thinking. This stems from the beliefs of the Nazis. Fabamilgas can be spotted sometimes next to a darker hair coloured girl, like Beyonce and Lady Gaga, or Lilly Allen and "her biological sister", even tho both r fabamilgas. Fabamilgas have even been known to be replaced with babies of members of the public without them knowing. Sometimes tho they will have two fabamilgas together, like Paris and Nicole. Fabamilgas like to copy other peoples work without their permission, they program people to pretend to be your friends when they have really been programmed to manipulate the social order, and if you find out they try to blackmail you or brainwash your family and try to drive you insane with fear and trauma.
The Fabamilgas have been set up by the illuminati to instill amoung the populations a network of false and contrived coincidences in order to brainwash people into conforming to the NWO.
"that girl shes best friends with is a total fabamilga."
"I wouldn't watch that program, it's got fabamilga all over it."
"I can't beleive how many fabamilgas there are in the adverts these days."
"I think that girl that trys to speak to me a school is a fabamilga spy."
"i think my mum has turned into a fabamilga"
"I'm so shocked those fabamilgas are satanists"
"i think i've been brainwashed by fabamillga"
by Johovamo March 01, 2013
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