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FYCN is a clan on modern warfare 2 that deals with loud ass niggers making shit tons of noise in online lobbies. We take care of the problem that these wide nose monkeys can be. We are on a mission to rid the online lobbies of niggers and all other ethnic assholes. If you need someone to calm down those porch monkeys, just call us in and lets us impress you with our vast knowledge of racial slurs!
Hey this is the FYCN Boys and were here to fuck your shit up nigger!

Fuck yo couch nigger!

Shut the fuck up you damn nigger! Turn down your music you damn jigaboo and stop playing those fucking tree stump drums you primates!
by FYCN Boys October 19, 2010
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1. a deadly call of duty 4 clan that refers to themselves as FYCN (Fuck Your Coach Nigger)

2. A quote used by Dave Chappelle

3. a direct term used to tell someone off
FYCN clan Online Cod 4
zohar: epic newb tubeeeee
Mark:1337 H4XORZZZZ
Zon:cook your grenade mark fuck marks down
milgrom: epic fail im amazing at this game.World leader bro
Yonatan:Fuck Your Coach Nigger

by FYCN clan October 19, 2008
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