Acronym for Fat Vaping Degen. Most commonly found in the card collecting world, whether it be Pokemon or Baseball cards. The average FVD is a male between 35-50 years old, 275-450 pounds, and has switched from chain-smoking Camel Menthols to sucking on a tiny machine filled with mango-guava vape juice. When they aren't furiously searching eBay from the comfort of their mother's basement, the FVD can usually be found at either Wal-Mart/Target where they are finger-banging loose packs of cards to look for the 'hits', or at the closest fast-food joint to fuel their 8-hour retail Prizm hunts. Most FVD's remain virgins (by choice, of course), because they are 'too focused on the card game' and 'waiting for the right one'. The FVD aspires to be able to one day say they have a 'world class card collection' on their company bio page.
1. Did you see when that FVD manhandled a card with his fat grubby hands and tilted so hard when getting called out that he nearly had a coronary?

2. I was at Target the other day and saw some FVD molesting the Star Wars packs while looking for a Kylo Ren underwear patch card.

3. That FVD hasn't had any pussy since a pussy had him.
by elgnomo March 04, 2020
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