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Aggressive term solely used in the game Rocket League. It was established in September 2019 by a player called Parallex, who continues to used the term in rocket league quick chat to this day, as well as his fellow rocket league players Youngz and also Kakashi, a new addition to Parallex and Youngz’ squad in the game.
Player just scored! Parallex: FUUUUUCK!
by Youngkasah October 10, 2019
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A tourist to sub-orbital or orbital space, through commercial space flight programs.
Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson alongside their crew became the first astrotourists, while visiting sub-orbital space in July 2021
by AxonL July 20, 2021
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What you shout when someone you liked accuses you of lowest of low accusations.
Example: Person 1 I'm feeling we have chemistry maybe something here. Person 2. Me too. Person 1 Why you not tell me you under investigation for 300 house party?Come get this one, I not mess with you Kick rocks! Person 2 Person 2 Fuuuuuck NO!!! YOU KICK ROCKS I'm off your roller coaster and thanks for the support . (Sarcasm)Your old az looks real 300Party like a woman. When he's 60 year old man. ACCUSATIONS DOES NOT FIT DESCRIPTION. EX why never talk & shut doors.
by Angel Peaches April 14, 2020
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when you stub your toe on something
paul: come here

james: ok ahh fuuuuuck ahh ohh i just stubbed my toe
james said fuuuuuck because he stubbed his toe
by fuckcoco69420suckmycock February 24, 2021
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When a Karen calls the cops on you for crossing a bridge and she adds you to Facebook but after you change your profile picture she’s like fuuuuuck cause it wasn’t you on that bridge.
Yo read this message Leslie Thomas just sent me.
“Confession... I called the cops on you this winter on my way home from work. You were on the bridge crossing the highway. My friend had killed someone accidentally in almost the exact same spot. I was seeing one of your boys (not any of the banderis dudes, those guys are like my brothers). You came up as someone I possibly knew, and it was when you had the basketball picture and I was like delightful and added you... then you changed your profile pic, and I could see your neck and I was like fuuuuuck (I had tried to commit your neck tattoo to memory in case”
by Breaking Charlee July 15, 2020
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