the expression jethro uses when he has an extremely stark erection i mean extremely stark!
this morining jethro woke up and said oh my god i have a full boner!
by joeypopcorn February 27, 2008
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The event horizon of any gathering (social or private) at which the fun and excitement of the moment is bigger or more exciting than usual.
Guy1: "Dood, that party last night went Full Blown Boner right after you left with that Swamp Donkey. There were so many more hotty-bomb-bodies than guys that some of them ended up hooking up with each other!"

Guy2: "STFU..."
by Uncle Boner May 13, 2011
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The state of full penis erection that is typically only achievable by a vegan diet.
I ate steak last night and had trouble reaching full boneration.
by Winter Is Coming ADK February 1, 2020
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