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When something goes so well that 'win' or 'FTW' (for the win) is just not good enough. Usually said in caps because it is just so FUKWIN.*

*because of the spelling, it is not a swear or a curse and can be used in all forms of written and mature spoken work.
For two weeks you are standing in the stinking mud pressing search over and over. Finally, you get the message: "You search the swamp and find a heavy sword." That is fukwin.

You buy a scratch ticket with your last $2 and win $100. FUKWIN

I was over at Julia's house with some of her friends for a girls-night-in. Then her sexy friend started making out with me. Not long after it turned into a very hot, girl orgy. We stayed for 2 days. Serious FUKWIN.

Cybering with CyAdora is FUKWIN. Get a towel.
by CyAdora May 17, 2010
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