When the old lady is ready to bang you and she doesn't want to sleep in a wet spot, this is wife code for "foreplay's over, time to get it on"
Mmmm, dear, that's nice. Why don't you get a towel?
by Geedavey March 31, 2009
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An statement of excitement over a situation in your day that is so amazing, although it's not actually an orgasm, it might as well be.
Run into Kelly Churchill and you say, "Oh my god. Get me a towel." ...because I just jizzed.

See a nice lookin Porsche or some other high priced car cruisin down the road and you say, "Check out that whip. Dude, get me a towel!"

Or you can just say it when you need a towel after bangin or something. But ideally your girl should swallow. This is the BEST time to say get me a towel.
by SmokyTreat April 28, 2010
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