An acronym that stands for Fuck yoU AutoCorrect. Used when a smartphone's autocorrect feature inadvertently changes a word you've texted, generally causing confusion or inappropriateness.
1st Texter: Dude! My parents got me a bisexual for my birthday!

2nd Texter: Um... I guess I'm happy for you?

1st Texter: Thanks man. I've been riding so much my crotch is sore.

2nd Texter: TMI, dude. Tee. Emm. Eye.

1st Texter: What?

2nd Texter: Dude... reread your text.

1st Texter: BICYCLE!!! I meant bicycle, I swear... FUAC!!!!

2nd Texter: ROFL

1st Texter: *dies of shame*
by karvald February 07, 2011
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