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Originally founded by some veterans of the Vietnam War who decided to reject the society they felt rejected them, the acronym F.T.R.A. stood for "F*** The Reagan Administration. In an attempt to legitimize being more than a mere "Hobo" and to be less offensive to law enforcement, they began using "Freight Train Riders of America."
The FTRA is a loose knit confederate of anti-social, predominantly caucasian males, who prefer to live a nomadic, hunter-gatherer lifestyle apart from mainstream America. Most FTRA members are criminals and have also been treated for various mental illnesses.
by Markie the Arkie February 21, 2006
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Freight Train Riders of America.

Probley to the most mysterious gang and hardest to track in the United States. The FTRA started in Montana during the mid seventies buy a bunch of white racist alcahloic speed freaks in a bar. They are a bunch of train hoppin hobos who move methamphetemines along the rail lines. They have been known to intimidate and kill other train hoppin hobos and homeless people in homeless camps. The FTRA could be responsible for some 50 plus unsolved murders along the rail lines in the United States.

Members of the FTRA have been spotted in all lower 48 states, but operate mainly west of the Mississippi river. Where ever there are railroad tracks members of the FTRA could be or have been there.
The FTRA are some mean motherfuckers. For people who like to hop trains around the country, all I can say is; beware.
by Paul Della Valle September 22, 2004
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