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FTCAC pronounced "FAT CAC"

FTCAC in an acronym that stands for: Fucking Theory Crafting Armchair Commando

FTCAC in an acronym created by Orcgazmo of Illidan. It is a World of Warcraft term meaning:

1) Person that is very knowledgeable about his class and is able to theorize what spells to cast, on what cooldown, what X amount of raid stats to maximize Raid potential in order to Heal, Tank, and DPS more effectively.

2) A person that will post a 2000+ word thesis on your guilds forums on how to Tank, DPS, and Heal <Insert Boss Name Here> More better.
1) God damn... those Raiders on are some FTCAC'n MoFo's.

2) Ryujjinn and Hellscow... you guys are FATCACs with your 200 posts on how to play a hunter and kill Anub during P3.
by Orcgazmo of Illidan November 27, 2009
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