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Focus On The Fuck

The best thing in life is fucking. All you should want to do is fuck. All you want is someone you truely love to have the best fuck you could ever have with no limits no condoms no worries. This is all you want. Everything thing you do in your life should be focused on having the best fuck ever.

You say to your lover FOTF if you are apart and talking about anything in life.
A&B are in love and have the best fuck.

Example 1:
- A "I am so stressed right now at work - I feel like screaming"
- B " Just FOTF for a couple more hours and we will FOTFing together"

Meaning just think about how awesome our fucking is and we will be doing it shortly. Do your best to get as much done as possible so we can have the best fuck ever tonight.

Example 2:
- A "I am so FOTFing at work today - just made a great deal"
- B "Me too, I've been on a roll since lunch and just made a lot of money so far"

Meaning we are both doing well at work - being sucsessful and now we can take that awesome vacation, buy some good drugs, booze and just fuck for 3 straight days.

by Deepbottom May 02, 2008
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Fear of texting first. When you're afraid to text first, so you just hope the other person will start the conversation.
Person 1: Why isn't Mikey talking to me? Am I too ugly?
Person 2: Nah, he's got FOTF.
by FunnyBusiness January 07, 2016
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Fighting On The Front (FOTF)

Usually used in MMORPGs (massive multi player online games)
describing that you are currently playing any kind of PvP(player vs. player) part of the game. Also used in multi player FPS(first person shooter games).

Some people say only "fotf"
Other "fotfing"
A: "Hey,what you doing?"
B: "fotf(ing)."
A: "Cool, then I won't disturb you. Good Luck!"
B: ":), Thanks!"
by m15ter August 24, 2007
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