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Acronym for "Front Of House Totty" - a term for decorative but useless staff, usually though not always female, hired simply in order to be placed somewhere they will lure in custom. Reception staff at restaurants, car dealerships and estate agencies are well known for this ruse. FOHT rarely knows anything about the business - or indeed anything else.
"I asked one of the staff how long the new model had been out, and she looked at me like she didn't even realise she was working in a car dealership. But Jesus, the rack on her was something else."
"That, my friend, is because you were talking to the FOHT!"
by Third of twins October 29, 2013
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1.To release gas from the rectum with great festivity, accompanied by a brutal smell and a lot of laughing.

2.To fart with great inensity and power
Hey Tim, why you foht?

You all smell that foht?
by Brian Lambert December 06, 2005
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