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A beard grown by males who have extended time off from work due to injury, suspension, or other situation covered by the Family and Medical Leave Act (or state equivalent). The FMLA beard is usually grown by those who are otherwise prohibited from growing a beard by working conditions, employer mandate or safety standards. Police Officers, Firefighters and industrial workers who wear respirators are often known to grow FMLA beards during long absences from work. The extended leave time allowed under FMLA often leads to large, full, manly beards for those able to grow them.
(Firefighter Jim is out for 6 weeks due to injury and posts a photo of himself on Facebook, showing that he is not his usual clean-shaven self)

Comment from friend 1: "What the hell happened to your face?"
Comment from friend 2: "Holy hell, you look like Jesus."
Firefighter Jim: "FMLA beard bitches! I haven't shaved for weeks!"
Comment from friend 1: "Nice. I bet your wife is pissed."
by modeler August 22, 2013
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