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FMH: (Action verb and an adjective)Fuck me hard or fuck me HARD, depending on the extremity of hardness you'd like to be fucked. Can be used as a good thing (ex. way to express a major turn on) or a worst case scenario (ex. finding out your fiance is not your baby's daddy)
"FMH" *Looking at picture of hot James Franco in his undies with uhhhhh his package bulking out* "FUCK ME HARD" XD

Teacher: "Okay class, your take home final is due today, it's worth 75% of your grade"

Student (who obviously didn't complete the assignment): FUCK ME HARD!
by Natnot_gnat October 23, 2010
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1. From my heart.
2. Sometimes stands for fuck me harder.
1. Everything I said came fmh baby.
2. Fmh baby.
by wangsoon May 30, 2007
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1.) Fuck Me Harder, often used to refer to a computer giving it's owner problems., see "Mortal Fear" by Greg Iles
Cannot connect!? Well FMH!
by piphipi August 24, 2008
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"Fuck Me Heels." Usually extremely high heels that can be clear and/or worn by strippers. May also be seen worn by prostitutes and cross-dressers. When these shoes are visible, you are sure going to be ready for a good time. CMFM
Watch out, somebody's gettin lucky tonight. She's wearing her FMHs!
by r.s. Reeves December 20, 2009
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A place where rich douchebags and spoiled whores congregate to make everyone elses lives hell just by them existing, not to mention their profound racism and their extreme and unbearable stupidity and ignorance. What makes flo mo even worse despite the fags and sluts would be the fact that everyone drives a fucking camero, hummer, civic, escalade, or a tahoe....when there in HIGH SCHOOL. And everyone who goes to marcus or flo mo happens to be a rolltard, barhead, retard, frat boy, slutty binge drinkers, hookers, or a retarded fake ass "stoner" who gets fucked like a bitch by their wannabe "dealers" thinking that shake and shwag is good shit and what's so god damn funny is that they pay a shit ton of bones just for their bullshit bud.
Slut 1 "OMG, i got SOOOOOO shit faced last night, i had 3 beers!"

Slut 2 "OMFG, while i was fucking the douche-bag infront of my dad i puked all over his face and then he stabbed be with his glass dildo he bought for himself! it was sooooooo cool. I heart being a FMHS whore!"

Douchebag 1 "So last night i fucked my mom and my dad watched and said "get some"! Then i got my mom and my dad to lick my asshole clean and it was tight as shit yo!"

Douchebag 2 "OMFG, i sucked a throbbing mangina last night, it was beastly bro!"
by man in alambama October 11, 2010
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