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1. "Fuck My CAPTCHA Life"

2. What MySpace spammers and Friend Blaster Pro users say after MySpace updated their anti-spam measure forcing people to type in CAPTCHA's all the time. Basically, if you are involved in this activity, adding people and posting comments are not fully automated anymore. These people have to sit on Friend Blaster Pro or other software and watch it to enter CAPTCHA's when needed and it drives them completely bonkers!
OMG. Using Friend Blaster now feels like watching paint dry! I have to sit there all day and fill out fucking CAPTCHA's all day! FMCL! I HATE CAPTCHA! FUCK! FUCK THAT TOM GUY!
by VSL Christian July 01, 2009
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Fuck My College Life.
*said in extreme situations when one realizes that college isn't all that fun and is actually shit difficult.
Random College Student: I have 2 essays due tomorrow, a lab exam, a history exam, 6 language tests, and 20 pages of bones and organs to memorize. FMCL.
by AsianExplosion March 14, 2012
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