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Also known as "Fucked Intelligence Quotient Syndrome" or "Fucked Up IQ Syndrome".

It's the pseudo-terminal disease that can be gotten by hanging around a mostly sociopath person whose IQ is lower than Forrest Gump's. Most notable symptoms include average-to-horrible taste of music, interestingly unexciting comments and/or small talk topics, complete unawareness of the sudden drop in your own IQ (which makes you socially annoying, mostly around people with brains), etc. The only cure is self-awareness of the disease before it officially turns into AIR (Acquaintance-Induced Retardation).
Dude #1: "My friend John gave me the FIQS in middle school, but I managed to see reason before I got the AIR. I had to start making friends with actual human beings!"

Dude #2: "Shit, man, that's terrible..."
by PhoenixDude3000 November 24, 2010
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