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Acronym: Foot In Mouth Syndrome

Refers to the disorder which manifests itself when you inappropriately make a statement at an inopportune moment, often deemed irrecoverable - thus you have inserted your foot into your mouth.

Typically followed with embarassment & many apologies, or a tacit understanding about your position.
John: "The boss is being a complete idiot - he's gotta start listening to reason"
Bob (whispers): "uhhhhhh he's right behind you..."
John: "d-oh!"
Bob: "Nice case of FIMS there ace"
by T. Walsh / Ronan XVII January 06, 2005
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Fuck it's Monday, similar to TGIF (thank God it's Friday) but used to describe the most miserable day of the week
Person 1: "FIM"
Person 2: "Yea man, I cannot wait for this weekend, but today is gonna suck"
Person 1: "Yea bro, I hate Mondays"
by spatman1 November 07, 2011
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That chick is soo hot! I would totally catch a FIM from her!

To let a girl fart in your mouth just because she is that hot.
by Company Man aka Hero November 01, 2011
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Facebook Instant Messenger. Instant messaging in the social networking website called Facebook. It is commonly used to talk with people you may not want or feel like texting with. It is an informal conversation with others who you may not know very well as well as your good friends. It keeps you up to date with activity of the website which incorporates the facebook world to the user.
FIMing is the act of using FIM. It has become a popular term at San Diego State University where it originated.
Tommy: "I don't have the balls to call a girl so I will go on FIM and hopefully I can break the ice"
Fred: "that might work because you are a bitch"
Tommy: "thanks, but I might get some from it"
by Schlife May 12, 2008
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Derived from the abbreviation FM, meaning Full Metal, Fim is a capture the flag player in JKA/JK3. Seated among the top North American players, Fim is often associated with the term "emo" due to his tendency to attempt to lower people's expectations of him by convincing them he sucks. Nobody knows why Fim does this with certainty especially considering that it almost never works due to Fim being one of the fastest players of the game. When confronted with this fact, he almost always responds with the same statement declaring that while his speed is substantial, he lacks any form of aim and can only be considered a good offense player at best. This, however, is also untrue as Fim is one of the best Base Defense players, a position that can, at times, require significant ability aiming.
JaXHaX: Fim r u playin?
Fim: yea, but get someone better first...
JaXHaX: wtf you faggot...come or spec..u choose
by Archivist_ex March 02, 2009
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