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FIMMH is an acronym, standing for "Fart In My Mouth Hot."

This is usually used to describe women of an caliber that far exceeds others. Many factors contribute to the determination of FIMMH Status, but mainly agreed upon procedures requirements are a highly attractive and pleasing face, an engaging or intoxicating personality, and a certain level of unattainability. While an opinion, some "FIMMHs" are in fact and appearance just that and the label will remain uncontested for the immediate future.
Barney: "Ted, that girl is a total FIMMH."
Ted: "What?"
Barney: "Fart in my mouth hot."
Ted: "Oooooh. Like, "I'd Eat Her Corn."
Barney: "Yes. FIMMH High Five!"
by Barney Stimpson February 27, 2009
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