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Filling In Bubbles and Lines

The acronym is often used as an adjective to describe the layout of an exam desired. Fibal papers have questions in the form of multiple-choice, contain True/False questions, and may give hints to the answers by using lead-ins. Fibal exams maximize the chances of passing and maintaining a progressive GPA. The acronym FIBAL is often confused with feeble, which means lacking in physical or mental strength.

Due to substantial underemployment found in the United States and the United Kingdom, the term Fibal Degree has been used recently to characterize a Bachelor of Science/Arts.
Alan: “Michael, I didn’t see you in Economics today.”
Michael: “Yeah I skipped because I had to study for Professor Adams’ History exam.”
Alan: “You skipped for that! Rate My Professors says Adams only gives fibal exams! Oh my god, you basically took this exact History class in high school!”
Michael: “I know, but in high school the tests had four options! Morgan’s tests have A-B-C-D and E!”
by June 06, 2015
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