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Florida Gulf Coast University.

A university which declares itself "environmentally friendly" but has probably obliterated more wildlife and forest than any other school.

Consists of 2 fraternities, 2 sororities, no football team, a fake beach, and alligators. It is recommended that students carry little children with them in their book bag to feed to the alligators in case they are attacked on their 4 mile journey from the parking lot/dorms to class.

The hot chick to sausage ratio is super sweeet (we're talkin' 6:1). It's also the fastest growing university (20% a year) in the nation.

The campus police have nothing to do there, so they spend their time harping students for underage drinking. They pull students over for not using turning signals and other petty moving violaions. If you are in a party at the dorms, don't hit the rape cord. The campus police will be there within 2 minutes and they always bring their power trip with them.

The location where the legendary story of "19" occured. T-17-2!
Party at the dorms tonight! G-9!!! Don't lean on the wall, you might hit the rape cord. NINETEEN!!! FGCU is a paradise aka tha shizzle fo rizzle mah nizzle.
by pshars July 05, 2005
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