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Acronym for "Future Fucking Leaders of America".

An exasperation usually expressed (with any combination of eye-rolling, head shaking, and/or grimace) upon learning of some new asinine urban slang or bastardization of the English language by a member of Generation Y.
Gary: I just want to go on record that using the word serial instead of serious is retarded.
Dave: Okay. Who says that?
Gary: T used it yesterday and I didn't get it. She explained what she meant, then I found it on
Dave: who does T know that started using serial?
Gary: she has young people at her work
Gary: My recent favorite is CLAMF
Dave: clamfuck?
Gary: co-workers looking at me funny
Dave: <sigh>
Dave: future fucking leaders of america
Gary: LOL
by Lou Fuoliani June 28, 2007
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Future Fucking Leaders of America.

Used to describe young people who are lazy, spend more time texting then working and have no goals. Usually EMO falls into this category.
Guy1: 'my emo little brother quit his job at McDonalds, got his forehead pierced and spends all of his time texting in his bedroom.'

Guy2: 'Great. FFLOA.'
by xphlacoex June 28, 2007
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