A reference to crude sexual behavior with women:

Find them, French them, Feel them, Finger them, F*ck them, Forget them - Fourth of July
Varsity Football 3, 4; J. V. Football 2; Freshman Football 1; Varsity Basketball 3, 4 (Captain); Frosh Basketball (Captain); J. V. Basketball (Captain); Varsity Spring Track 3; Little Hoya 3, 4*** Landon Rocks and Bowling Alley Assault — What a Night; Georgetown vs. Louisville — Who Won That Game Anyway?; Extinguisher; Summer of ‘82 — Total Spins (Rehobeth 10, 9...); Orioles vs. Red Sox — Who Won, Anyway?; Keg City Club (Treasurer) — 100 Kegs or Bust; redacted — I Survived the FFFFFFFourth of July; Renate Alumnius; Malibu Fan Club; Ow, Neatness 2, 3; Devil’s Triangle; Down Geezer, Easy, Spike, How ya’ doin’, Errr Ah; Rehobeth Police Fan Club (with Shorty); St. Michael’s...This is a Whack; redacted Fan Club; Judge — Have You Boofed Yet?; Beach Week Ralph Club — Biggest Contributor; redacted — Tainted Whack; redacted; Beach Week 3-107th Street; Those Prep Guys are the Biggest...; GONZAGA YOU’RE LUCKY.

--Brett Kavanaugh
by Erca83 September 27, 2018
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Celebrating Independence day in the US of A with setting off your own fireworks... the 7 Fs.
Sally: Don't you just love this country and the freedoms we have?

Dick: yeah I live to celebrate everyday like its FFFFFFFourth of July !
by YourPseudonympho September 26, 2018
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