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One of the interwebs unknown 31337.
The story goes...
He rose out of the ashes like a Phoenix, reborn into the matrix, destined to unravel the mysteries of the darkside.
Assisted by many, mastered by none, he conquered the darkness, until he was consumed with light.
Breaking the 'unknown' barriers, he pursued and furthered the life of the unknown, forging a network of patterns for others to ponder.
And when the path was set.... he vanished.... leaving but only the ashes he rose, waiting for a time to expand his wings once again.

This Man is considered a myth, a legend, a story of inspiration techies pass on from generation to generation.
This is a story of the unknown, a secret in which you have now been let in on.
Carry the message well, and look for the signs ;)
You may think you can interpret the cipher, but you have yet to be anything like FERNSIDE (aka Master Fern).
by scene mem no.# February 24, 2010
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