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F.D.G.M is an acronym for the name of a female tagging clique/gang.

F.d.g.m means "Fuck Dick Get Money"

The clique itself was founded by only two Members who's clique names are "TACOZ" and "TIGGY". It later expanded to include more people.
It was founded in Inglewood,CA(circa Feb.2006)...
then spread to Tracy,CA(estimated October 2007) & Stockton,CA when one of the Founders (Tacoz) moved to Northern California. Upon Relocating to Northern California, She then moved to Sacramento and recruited several females to bomb and represent F.D.G.M.

Their Colors are Blue, and Red,Yellow.
These colors were chosen because of Tacoz's original supply of spray paint, and a pair of bape shoes she had consiting of these colors.

How ever most of their tagging is done in gold or silver to represent money, and wealth.

The whole ideaology behind F.D.G.M was for females to be money motivated, and self reliant.
Handle business first,then pursue love,sex....or male attention!

So for all you thirsty ass booches GET WITH THAT FGDM! FUCK M.O.B!
"FUCK M.O.B DIS IS F.D.G.M SO. Cal representer INGLEWOOD founder's block."

"Them Fdgm booches bombed roger's park skate bowl again!"

GUY:"lil mama come holla at a pimp"
GIRL: " Nigga fuck you, im wit that fdgm"
GUY:"what the fuck is a fdgm?!

girl:"where you from cutty?"
fdgm fem: " dis fdgm,fuck it look like yamp?!^!!"
by Tacoz the Bomber April 10, 2009
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