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You’re goin to do the FBP?

That’s right Rosa

by terrylovesyougurt May 26, 2019
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FBP is short for "Facebook Purity". Facebook Purity (aka Fluff Busting Purity) is a browser addon / greasemonkey script that lets you remove all the junk from your facebook homepage, such as application spam, game and quiz results and also lets you change the font size, so you can actually read the text in the newsfeeds again.
Since installing FBP i can filter out all the junk i dont want to see when i browse facebook, its a real life saver!
by Dr Aculla November 09, 2010
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full body pic; request these if someone only has close up shots on their social network
guy 1: so i added this cute chick on myspace
guy 2: does she have an fbp?
guy 1: no
guy 2: she's fat
by MumblerT May 28, 2009
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FBP is an acronym referring to a black person. FBP stands for Famous Basketball Player. FBP refers to the dirtiest kind of negro, the kinds of black men who hang around doing nothing but getting high and being a gangster. Some respectable black men wouldn't be considered an FBP because they haven't stooped to the low social level of the rest of the black population.
Jim: Rob, you better lock up your bike, there are fbp's around here

Rob: Yeah, and make sure you dont look at them wrong or they'll turn into apes and jump on your face.
by Mr. sdsdsdsdsdsdsds August 22, 2006
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FBP - The act of going on a bachelor party when no one is actually getting married. Intentions include getting free drinks, not standing in line, and getting undeserved attention from flocks of women. Activities include: kissing bridesmaids, hooter shooters, panty collecting, and arm wrestling bouncers.
by TheyCallMeBigSully June 07, 2016
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