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The FBJ or Forced Blow Job, is the process of two Beer bottles colliding bottom to head causing a reaction that sends white frothy liquid spurting from the shaft of the victims drink. This then forces the drinker to shove the neck of the bottle into their mouth, in an attempt to prevent liquid from coating the surrounding area in foamy white residue. An accurate execution of The FBJ being performed takes skilled precision and timing. The key is to ensure that the rear end of the initiators bottle meets both with enough force and impact against the pinnacle of the victim’s bottle to cause the most severe reaction.
Imagine someone shoving the steam of a beer bottle into their mouth in an aggressive yet pleasurable motion similar to the act of providing oral sex to a man's genitals. Then finally imagine the hilarity as someone tries to contain the foamy residue of the of the bottles orgasmic reaction from flying from their mouth and onto their recently polished leather shoes. Then my friends, you have witnessed a metaphysical FBJ (Forced Blow Job). As a witness, your reaction should sound similar to: “HA! You just got a sneaky FBJ! Classic!” or “You just got FBJ’d!”
by A Communion of Willi's December 22, 2011
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