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The Free Application for Senior Assassin Aid. Used by Seniors around the United States, FASAA uses a thorough application to determine the proper dollar amount that should be awarded to students to pay for Senior Assassin. Aspects of the calculation process include: How far the Senior must commute each day (gas money), the pricing of cafeteria food at the school, as well as the quality of the Seniors Nerf arsenal, or lack thereof. When all requirements of the application have been met, the student is awarded a number, which then translates to a certain dollar amount depending on the buy-in price.
Eric - "Hey did you fill out your FASAA yet? It's a $6.00 buy-in this year."
Mike - "Yeah I did, with cafeteria prices, and gas at $4.00 a gallon, I really needed the help.
by cccougar April 14, 2011
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