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A game created by a student from Salem high school in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

The game consists of a group of high school seniors ONLY, who are all assigned targets anonymously. The point of the game is for an assassin to eliminate their target with a small water gun before each round ends, which is 7 days. They MUST submit a video of the elimination to the senior assassin instagram page for their targets elimination to count.

The game can be changed each round with new challenges, such as if an assassin eliminates their target in a specific amount of time, then they can informed on who their assigned assassin is for that round.

In the game if you’re wearing goggles on your face, or floaties on your arm then those are considered shields.

Assassins cannot elimainate their target while on a shift at work, in school, or on school property, OR during any school events (such as prom, or before prom).
Girl: Hey, have you signed up for senior assassin?
Boy: Yeah’! It’s so fun watching the eliminations on their Instagram!

Girl: I know!!! I’m about to go elimate my target before they have work. A
by Anon0143 June 11, 2018
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