When a person is having and orgasm and they roll their eyes to the back of their head.
Sly fucked me so hard and good,I had an eye rolling orgasm for they first time in my life!
by BigDickBandit77 March 31, 2020
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An Eye Roll Orgasm is a powerful mega super sayan orgasm that (mostly) females get when they are in a moment of pleasure. It is an orgasm that is so strong your eyes roll back and you become dumb. Eye rolling orgasm, eye roll orgasm and ahegao are mostly used to exaplin the situation. If you are dumb enough to still not understand then check out www.eyerollorgasm.com
Guy: Hey buddy!

Guy 2: hey dude, how the sex went with bec?
Guy: SHIT WAS CRAZY! She had an eye roll orgasm and started rolling around the place, I gave her the biggest orgasm of her life.
Guy 2: Damn nice bro!
by Eye Roll Orgasm December 17, 2018
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