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The act of taking something good and "improving" it to the point where you ruin it or make the original purpose obsolete.

Common in American Culture

Eg. Stampedes at Black Friday sales.
Or the evolution of Black Friday in general.

Also: extremerist

An extremerist is someone who commonly practices extremerism in various ways in life. This is the person who has an annoyingly specific coffee beverage which they are adamantly convinced make it better, when in actuality they havent.

For instance: someone who orders a small light iced soy milk sugar free extra sweet vanilla latte with whipped cream. They get a small with soy milk and sugar free syrup because its healthier. But they get lite iced, extra syrup, and whipped cream to compensate for their improvement, and "cheat" towards a more delicious drink, and also "gain" the status of a coffee snob. In actuality they've undone the effects of the original improvement and pissed off the barista serving them.
Black Friday in America is extremery. What started as a way to save a few bucks has evolved into a violent spectacle that can leave people dead or in the hospital all for the sake of a good deal.
by Goretex February 29, 2016
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