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The act of cutting out a female's ovaries through her vaginal tract. This can be done by either going along the fallopian tube, which is a pain staking job and one needs to be extremely patient, however the result is beautiful. Also, one can go through the layers of muscle through the vagina and cut out the ovaries. This is an easier process but it does require more strength.
People who participate in expovarations are known as expovarators.

Hardcore expovarators consume the ovaries as shish kebabs with barbecue sauce, no other condiment is allowed.
Guy 1: Man, those were some great shish kebabs!
Guy 2: I know, i am a hardcore expovarator.

Guy 1: Yo can you hang tonight?
Guy 2: Nah man, i got an expovaration to attend.
by Expovarator December 01, 2011
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