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Ex•po•si•plosion noun

1) Internet post made by someone passionate about the subject being discussed. So much so that they enter a state of frenzy, unleashing a seemingly endless torrent of words that won't stop until they've tired themselves out or they've forgotten what the original subject matter was due to numerous digressions.

Unfortunately this frenzied state is invariably accompanied by a puzzling symptom that blocks part of the brain where knowledge of grammar, punctuation, and spelling are stored. Ironically this symptom can and often does only present temporarily, exclusively at times when audience comprehension is most coveted by the afflicted persons. Some experts have attributed the symptom to schizophrenia, illiteracy, rage syndrome, stimulant psychosis and other known conditions, but studies have been inconclusive at the time of this writing.

This deluge of resultant gibberish leaves the poster quite satisfied and exhausted from their indisputably great, perceived victory. Viewers are left with a wall of words that even the most determined debater/curious outside party will find overwhelming on first view. Of the (attempted) readers, the mentally stable portion will find it unmanageable to the point of illegibility and incoherency .

Ironically even a dullard can usually rebut an exposiplosion quite effectively in 50 words or less. Exposiplosions are rarely, if ever read in their entirety.
All I posted was, "Ewoks are lame," and he unleashed an exposiplosion that made my eyeballs sizzle, my stomach knot, and my interest in what he had to say completely disappear.
by Applejackson75 August 08, 2011
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