It's when the Villager's Lloid Rocket from super smash bros is destroyed by an opponent, causing more damage and knockback.

It's shaped like a penis with a big nipple at the front.
Villager: *Side Special(Lloid Rocket)*

Ganondorf: *Down Special(Wizard's Foot)* "HRRRUH"

Ganondorf: *hits lloid*

Lloid (The Side Special): *Explodes and K.O.'s Ganondorf*

You, the player: "Explosive Dick!"
by Soothingmemeguy55 July 11, 2020
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A dick that tears up a pussy within seconds
"Wow you are limping a lot today!"
"What can I say, he had an explosive dick."
by jajaja616 June 2, 2017
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when you're fucking your chica from behind and she lets out a nasty, wet fart all over your dick right as you're about to blow your load
goddammit, my hoe and me was fucking last night, and right as I'm about to nut, she gave me a goddamn dick explosion. and boy was that shit STANKY.
by Peven glugh November 20, 2011
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