It is the religion of for those who worship the gay redneck Lord and Savior, Joe Exotic, also known as “the Tiger King”. Those who practice this religion will also dedicate their souls to the true God by proclaiming that Carole Baskin is a Murderer and deserves jail time for killing her husband. They also may either start dressing in their God’s wardrobe.
Person A: “I practice Christianity. What religion do you practice?”

Person B: Practice? The hell you mean “practice”? I don’t practice my religion. I advance in my religion which is called “Exoticism” and people like me are Tiger Lovers and are advocates for justice which is why we want that bitch, Carole Baskin in prison for murdering her husband.”
by AnarchoDyke April 28, 2020
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Elevating the constant π to a transcendental level of mathematical or metamathematical (or philosophical) appreciation, with no regard to practical applications—savoring the Platonic ideal of pi that transcends the five senses.
A number of mathematical purists (or spiritually inclined number theorists) secretly love to exoticizing pi when they let loose of their personal or societal inhibitions—when they desire to be in that so-called state of “pi nirvana.”
by Fasters December 26, 2022
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