Fellatio performed on a male when he is bent over and has his genitals tucked between his legs, pointing straight backwards. This allows the person performing this act to get a face full of butt while blowing the male and the male can expell any and all bodily fluids and odors behind him onto the person performing the act. Which fluids and odors expelled are up to personal preference with none also being an option.
Why is our neighbor bent over the couch? Probably getting ready to give his wife the ol' exhaust pipe fix.
by MacFlak January 5, 2018
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When a girl is giving a guy a rim job and he shits in her mouth.
My girlfriend was giving me and a rim job and I had to go shit and didnt want her to stop so I decided to give her an Exhaust Pipe.
by rysilver September 26, 2009
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The act of blowing a hit or weed into someone's ass and having someone else human centipede those mud flappers and sucking that toke with a hearty fart.
Garrett: hey bro heard Kelsey was pretty freaky . What y'all do?

Hussein: yeah bro she let me exhaust pipe her.

Garrett: did you get a turd too?

Hussein: totally.

Garrett: niceeeeeee
by CHTS April 9, 2016
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A 3-piece indie/electric folk rock/garage rock revival band based out of Berkeley, CA.

They play heavy bluesy indie rock with rippin' guitar solos.
Me: Did you see Exhausted Pipes perform at the Uptown?

You: Hell yeah! They were rockin.
by berksterk July 20, 2010
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Snorting cocaine or any other amor table substances off of an erect or horizontal penis
Omg, did you see that girl exhaust piping that guy at the frat party last week?!
by TheEnemy2-0 July 26, 2017
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When it is so cold outside that when one farts, water vapor is seen from the farters ass. Exactly like a cars muffler in winter.
Dude: Fuck it's cold as shit outside!
Guy: No shit, I saw folks leaving church this morning and this one dude was kind enough to hold his fart the entire service. He definitely had a Canada Exhaust Pipe.
by WholePriest December 28, 2011
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When you are fucking a girl doggystyle and you piss in her ass, and then she lets out a sputtery piss fart.
McGee gave Sab a mean Louisiana Exhaust Pipe last weekend in New York!
by Monkey Fuckers April 24, 2019
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