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It is way to groove your body all three times a day in one workout. This workout conditions your cardio, core and endurance. Step 1 dry sauna for no less than 15 minutes, must not have any water or a towel. This portion of the workout will get your blood flowing like a race horse. Step 2 Jacuzzi for 15 minutes, the scorching hot water goes directly into pores which strengthens your core. Have you had enough yet? The final leg of the workout brings us back into the locker room for the Eucalyptus Steam Room. Test your endurance to see how long you can make it. Any less than 15 minutes you have failed. If you can accomplish this workout, you are a true Executive. If not you will be stuck in middle management for the rest of your life. Good Luck
Hey Nick, you smell like stale booze and look very exausted from a long day of work! Looks like you could use an executive workout.
by Top Executive July 09, 2009
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