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Excelsia is form by a combination of 2 words, EXCELand SIA

EXCEL /IK'sel/verb 1.V~(in/at sth/at doing sth) to be very good at doing sth eg: The team excels at turning defence into attack. 2.VN~yourself(BrE)to do extremely well and even better than you usually do. eg:Francis' cooking was always good but this time he really excelled himself.

SIA 1.N`~ a huge place, a large land mass, a country ,a continent 2.N~a particular position, point or area 3.N an environment,a space. It is use by adding another word or letter in its beginning. eg: Asia, Australasia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Tunisia.

EXCELSIA~ is form by adding EXCEL and SIA together.
1.Na place, country or continent where its population are people of excellence, eg: Francis is from Excelsia, no wonder he got the Nobel Prize this year. 2N~ a place where everyone is given the envirnoment to excel in their work or life, eg:They are staying in Excelsia and their brain can think better thus they produce the best result.3N~a name of a place or a group of people
William is from Excelsia, that is why he can jump so high.

Buffet went to look for Excelsia to buy the best soft drink in town.
by WEI LIM August 11, 2007
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