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Evin(Evinley) is one of the most incredible people you will ever meet, but you do not want to get on her bad side. She is extremely loyal and will not hesitate to destroy anyone who messes with the people she loves, that is, except for her. She feels extremely fragile. Evin can be extremely two faced when it comes to the difference between her home life and her anywhere else life. At home she is very kick-but and can be rude and disrespectful and will start any fight that she sees opportunity to. She can also be very helpful and does not hesitate to help those that she sees in need. She feels as though she has been attacked mentally in many ways. Evin often feels misunderstood, and feels as if people expect her to be a machine rather than human, and, from an outsider's perspective, they are often right. But anyone who knows her well enough knows that she truly feels like she is pressured into dust rather than diamonds. If you happen to get an Evin in your life, keep her, she is funny, weird, and will never truly be sane or normal. She loves to write and does it often. She runs herself ragged and don't think she will stop when she realizes it herself, that only makes her think she can do even more. She is a natural leader, singer, actress, and she is extremely caring and kind. Don't ever mess with someone who matters to her, she is subtle, but you will regret it.
Mother: How did you end up in a full body cast son?
Son: I messed with one of the kids at school.
Mother: Was she a friend of Evin (Evinley)'s?
Son: Yes
Mother: You should have known better

Director 1: She has a good voice, natural acting skill, is good on stage, and a natural leader!
Director 2: That's an Evin (Evinley) for you.

Girl 1: What happened to you?
Girl 2: I had some personal problems, it really would have helped to have a friend, but luckily there was a complete stranger that came and cheered me up, she was so kind and beautiful.
Girl 1: That sounds like an Evin (Evinley)!
Girl 2: Yeah
Girl 1: I want a friend like that again.
by bigfam May 24, 2018
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