An atrocious artist found on Deviantart. She goes by the nickname Efi, which can also be translated as 'Emotionally Fucked-Up Individual'. She yells and cusses at anyone who doesn't like her artwork or anyone who posts "stupid" comments on her page or art. She thinks her artwork and comics are amazing, and tries forcing it down other people's throats. Very whiny, and extremely unstable. She is a person to avoid at all costs. She has a habit of treating her bestfriends like absolute trash and thinks she knows more and is smarter than most people. Obsesses over sexual themed roleplays, she claims roleplaying is what keeps her mental health in tack. If you don't roleplay with her, she'll attack you and treat you like worthless shit. She is obsessed with forums, and if you aren't active she'll put you down and criticize you, telling you how much you don't give a shit about her. She is very self-centered and conceited.
"Omg, She totally sounds like an Efi!"

"I'd stay away from Everyonesfangirl if I were you."
by Fistix November 3, 2013
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