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Generally, a kind and gentle person. Is considerate of others and their feelings. When an Everhart has feelings for someone, they are extremely sweet, and flirty. Most often used as a last name. When bystanders see this person, they are instantly interested and want to get to know an Everhart. They usually have a different span of vocabulary then others, and way of saying it. People who hear this way of speaking, may try to imitate it. Everhart's however, should not take offense to this. It is just their way of admiring it. Hearing similarities tot he way Everhart's speak, sends butterflies through their system. Everhart's usually don't go for anything but the best. They enjoy to crack jokes and love to confuse people. Also, when they feel uncomfortable about something, they act confused, in order to avoid answering or doing. Everhart's have the best fashion sense, and the opposite sex usually jumps trough hoops to impress an Everhart.
Do you see that guy? He's so sexy! he must be an Everhart!!
He is so sweet and funny! Gotta be an Everhart
by Adrenaline... March 24, 2011
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