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someone who is one with angel or god amongst men.
hey, look at that guy over there, with his face crafted to perfection, he must be an evangelos!

where someone steps in to save the day, you could say "hey you just pulled an evangelos"

an Evangelos - one who likes to spank the monkey whilst eating fried chicken
by Gecko DeAngelo March 09, 2010
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a stupid ass whore with a stupid ass face and his dick is 1cm long and u ask how i know andrew the gay boy told me
wow your such a evangelos
via giphy
by kim jun une February 09, 2018
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A nigga named DoveSoap who is a gay Bitch sucks dick, puts hoogies in the bathroom toilet because that shit turns him on
*father goes in the shower
*evangelo seeks in behide him
*father drops soap
*evangelo puts his small dong inside him
*evangelo rapes father for the rest of the night
by DOVESOAP ; ) March 08, 2018
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