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Eurica is the most beautiful girl you will ever meet , outgoing , flirty, funny and sweet . She breaks hearts and says whats on her mind. Some may call her a bitch but she is a gorgeous one !
dammnnn look at that girl over there ! she is such a eurica

you need a eurica in your life !
by blonde<$ October 27, 2011
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A Eurica is a Pansexual Demiromantic Genderqueer person typically anorexic, depressed and has anxiety. This person is ugly AF and loves everyone no matter what. They love their friends and want them all to be happy. They wish everyone to be satisfied. They are a gay meme that is not very important. A wild Eurica seems mildly tame in which they are not. They seem like a bitch. They typically have an abusive father that is an ass wipe and a whore. Not many people know this about them only those who they trust know a part of it. A Eurica found wild is rare and they are very closed off and HATE any and all physical touch. They LOVE when you spend time with them. You must be aware that this type f person needs to have friends. They are typically in love with Korean stuff and are a Korea-boo another fact about them is that they have never seen nor listened to Hamilton. You always need a Eurica in your life. These complex things also never show any true emotions. These should be cherished because one day they could just disappear.
Wow guys I found a wild Eurica !
by that one wild Eurica June 04, 2018
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This gender queer pan sexual demi romantic gay meme is an anorexic child that is ugly AF although this is true they will take you to who you are even when you don't want them to. They think very lowly of themselves but always want you to be happy even when they aren't. They haven't seen Hamilton ever and are more than likely into k-pop. They want everyone around them to feel loved. Usually seems mildly tame but isn't at all. They are the type of person that seems like a bitch. They tend to annoy you a lot. This child also never wants to admit to their home life and admits it to those they feel they can trust. They tell people in the weirdest ways their home life. Their home life typically involves abusive fathers that are ass wipes and whores. In the end when a wild Eurica is found you want to keep them close.
Wow damn that girl is a wild Eurica
by that one wild Eurica June 04, 2018
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