A saying in reference to being high off of drugs such as weed or lean ( purp, sizzurp, drank, texas tea); Feeling of great happiness from one's mind set.
Lindsey; OMG! i was in such a euphoric high last night, i don't even remember what happened

Brea; Really? Howcome?

Lindsey; Because i smoked so much weed and drank so much lean at Jasons party... DUHH xD
by @Forever_Brae on twitter December 21, 2014
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A euphoric high is when a trans person's dysphoria decides to be nice and commits yeet so then said trans person feels little to no dysphoria in one moment(going based off my own experience)
dysphoria: *Yeets*
trans person: *Has intense euphoric high*
by The Sebster 69,420 October 12, 2020
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